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Reconfigurable Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Platform

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Flexible and Scalable

The DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform is based on the highly reconfigurable DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor which is integrated on a PCIe card and is available in a pre-configured server that can be seamlessly integrated into customer’s NGS bioinformatics workflows. The platform can be loaded with highly optimized algorithms for many different NGS secondary analysis pipelines such as Whole Genome or Exome, RNAseq, Methylome, Microbiome and Cancer.

Extremely Fast and Accurate

Running a Whole Human Genome pipeline on the DRAGEN platform reduces the time required for analyzing a genome at 30x coverage from ~10 hours using the current industry standard, BWA-MEM+GATK-HC software, to ~20 minutes, while also improving accuracy for both SNPs and INDELs. DRAGEN also reduces costs related to storage space and IT infrastructure, which is estimated to result in a savings of up to $6 million over four years for customers using Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten instruments.

Standard File Formats

DRAGEN takes industry standard FASTQ or Illumina BCL files as input (compressed or uncompressed) and provides standard BAM (compressed or uncompressed) and VCF or gVCF files as output. Compression is also performed using standard Gzip and CRAM methods.

Platform Tools and GUI

The DRAGEN platform includes a fully functional and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and an extensive set of tools. The tool suite enables customers to easily schedule multiple workflow runs, analyze results and system performance, compare different pipelines, monitor multiple networked DRAGEN cards and manage update releases.

Platform as a Service

DRAGEN is available as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and customers pay a monthly service fee based on their data throughput. Customers can select between four service tiers – entry, mid, high and unlimited – that cater for low throughput benchtop sequencers all the way up to population scale sequencing clusters like the Illumina HiSeq X Ten. Customers can also easily upgrade their monthly subscription as they scale their sequencing throughput.

Downloadable Updates

DRAGEN has been architected to be a very flexible and extensible platform that is highly reconfigurable. This enables customers to take advantage of ongoing speed, performance, throughput and accuracy improvements. Customers will be able to remotely download updates to their DRAGEN processors and software as part of their DRAGEN subscription.

Comprehensive Set of Pipelines

DRAGEN supports pipelines for Whole Genome, Whole Exome and Targeted Panels, Epigenome/Methylome, RNA-seq/Transcriptome, Microbiome and Cancer Tumor/Normal. All pipelines are available as downloadable modular add-ons to the DRAGEN platform through additional monthly subscriptions. Customers can upgrade their existing subscription at any time to include any additional pipelines.


The DRAGEN API and SDK will enable customers to massively accelerate their own NGS secondary analysis pipelines and algorithms when running them on the DRAGEN platform. The API provides direct access to many accelerator blocks like the Smith-Waterman aligner, Hidden Markov Model (HMM), BCL Conversion, Gzip/CRAM compression and Encryption.

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