DRAGEN Secure Data Sharing

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Secure Data Sharing

Share questions and answers – Not huge data files.

Researcher A

  • Researcher A has a grant to analyze 10,000 cancer patient genomes
  • She has 5,000 datasets and needs another 5,000 to be analyzed in exactly the same way
  • She posts a new Cohort Request on the DRAGEN Cohort Marketplace
  • She creates her Cohort Selection Criteria and DRAGEN Configuration File

Researchers B and C

  • Researchers B and C each have 2,500 cancer genomes and respond to the Cohort Request
  • Each processes their datasets using either DRAGEN Onsite or DRAGEN Cloud
  • The DRAGEN Configuration File ensures that processing is identical
  • They upload their answers to the marketplace and get paid

Cohort Management System

Access the CMS via the DRAGEN Web Portal.