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DRAGEN Web Portal

The Web Portal serves as a single interface where customers can seamlessly manage the complete solution set – both onsite and in the cloud.

Genomics web portal

Single Drag and Drop Interface

The DRAGEN Web Portal enables customers to use one single interface to manage both the onsite and cloud platform. Customers can manage the complete DRAGEN platform through the web portal, including selecting or customizing genomic pipelines, syncing hybrid cloud analysis with onsite DRAGEN server and FPGA platform, automating and scheduling concurrent single,  multi-sample and/or population calling pipelines , and compressing data files. The Web Portal also includes an intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop pipeline builder that enables complex workflows to be created in seconds.

Comprehensive Management Portal

The DRAGEN Web Portal features an information-rich dashboard that enables customers to manage everything at a glance. Customers can control the complex automation functionality of the Workflow Management System through a single user interface and easily manage their Total Genomics Solution for all of their cloud analysis and storage. The portal also enables complete control over all DRAGEN ultra-rapid analysis algorithms as well as DRAGEN Engine acceleration functionality. Additional features like secure data sharing and genomic app store will be deployed in 2017.

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